Student days 2015

On 19th and 20th March 2015 the ALCS will organize the 8th edition of our ALCS Student Days. The University of Sheffield is host.


All university students of Dutch from the UK and Ireland are invited for a 24-hour programme with culture workshops, films, performances, and presentations by employers.  It is an opportunity to find out more about Dutch and Flemish culture, to meet employers and to learn more about your prospects as a student of Dutch.  But it is also a chance to meet up, to meet new people and to have fun. Check our Fact Sheet ALCS student Days.

This year we will combine the Student Days with a public event and we have opted for a festival style approach. We will definitely welcome the poet and performer Maud Vanhauwaert and the standup duo de Gebroeders Fretz.

If you’d like to know more about the event or would like to book a place for yourself and your students, please contact Louise Snape at

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