Executive Committee


During the Biennial General Meeting of the ALCS held at University of Sheffield on 30 June 2018 the following members were elected and co-opted to the Executive Committee:

  • Christine Sas – Chair (UCL)
  • Dr Jenny Watson – Treasurer (Edinburgh)
  • Dr Carol Fehringer – Secretary (Newcastle)
  • Dr Hans Demeyer (UCL)
  • Marja Kingma (British Library)
  • Dr Nicholas Piercey – Member for Area Studies (Manchester Metropolitan University)
  • Dr Adam Sammut – Postgraduate member (York)
  • Dr Henriette Louwerse – (Sheffield)
  • Claire van Wengen – Member for IWLP / Language Centres (Edinburgh)
  • Vacant: Member for Ireland

The Executive Committee wants to reflect all the disciplines represented in the Association. At the moment it consists of linguists, historians, literary scholars, art historians and a librarian/information expert. Dr Filip De Ceuster (Sheffield) is the ALCS Director and Administrator.

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